Property Management

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

University Realty has been managing property in Austin since 1994. We currently manage over 600 properties in the Austin area ranging from single-family homes, condominiums units, apartment complexes, retail office and industrial properties. We have full time personnel on staff to handle all aspects of management and maintenance.


Rent Collection

Timely rent collection is the number one priority of University Realty, Inc. Typically rent is due on the first of the month, however, the residents are allowed a grace period until the 3rd. Eviction proceedings may begin as early as the fourth of the month depending on the resident's history with the organization.

Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests are directed to our office. The resident is quizzed briefly regarding the nature of the difficulty and to determine if the problem can be solved without professional assistance. If professional assistance is required, the proper service person/company/homeowner's association representative is sent to the property.

Homeowner's Association

Where applicable, the bylaws and rules and regulations of a condominium community will be adhered to by University Realty, Inc. A working relationship will be established with the Homeowner's Association to handle repairs, maintenance, policy changes, and leasing in order to keep all parties informed.

Audit and Pay Bills

Upon the receipt of a service company's bill, the bill is checked for: correct service address, correct billing rate, correct work done, etc. The bill is then approved for payment and is paid from rents collected.

Owner Statement

Owner statements are prepared on the end of the month of activity. These statements show all receipts, all disbursements and ending balance. (Invoices are attached when requested. There are no invoices for management fees.) In addition, at year's end forms 1099's are prepared for income tax purposes.

Property Inspection

Conduct periodic inspections of the property in order to remaining apprised of property condition and make any recommendations deemed necessary.


In addition to our in-house leasing agents, University Realty, Inc. also cooperates with other leasing companies in Austin to insure that properties receive maximum market exposure.

Equal Housing Opportunity

University Realty, Inc. adheres strictly to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Federal Fair Housing Code and the National Association of Realtor's Code for Equal Opportunity